Learning Math and CS/STEAM with Robotics
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Breaking News:

August 2022

  • "RoboBlockly" is now "RoboBlocky" (dropped the second "L") at www.roboblocky.com. (Loading the old version will automatically redirect to the new version.)
  • Linkbot Labs version 3.7 released, available on the Download page
  • More explicit data types for variables have been added for variable blocks
  • More Math blocks have been added for algebra and geometry, such as for calculating distances and midpoints
  • More Drawing blocks have been added for creating legends and drawing math expressions, inverses, and arrows
  • A Robot block that enables hardware Linkbots to drive in a smooth arc has been added (driveArc())
  • The Math curricula for Math 7, Math 8, Algebra 1, and Integrated Math 1 have been updated
  • The Class Management System has been updated to make the Stop All, Mute, Set View, and Response features more robust
  • LaTeX capabilities have been enhanced for rendering mathematical expressions