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Learning Math/CS/Engineering Design with Robotics

Download Linkbot Labs 3.10.3 to Run Linkbots, Arduino, and/or Ch (C Interpreter)

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1. RoboBlocky with Virtual Robots and Hardware Robots

RoboBlocky can be accessed by any modern web browser (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, iPad, tablet, smartphone) to experiment with virtual Linkbot robots. No account and downloads are necessary.

In order to control hardware Linkbots and Barobo Arduino-Compatible boards, either in RoboBlocky, Ch, or Python, software must be downloaded and installed on the computer. This software is available for Windows, MacOSX, and Chromebook machines as well as Raspberry Pi.


2. Software Options

Windows and MacOSX: To control Linkbots and Barobo Arduino-Compatible boards using the block-based programming available in RoboBlocky, users can download and install Linkbot Labs, which is then accessible via the RoboBlocky left sidebar. Linkbot Labs includes a full suite of applications for C programming capabilities. These applications include:

  • C-STEM Studio (with RoboSim)
  • Ch Linkbot Controller
  • ChIDE (an Integrated Development Environment for C Interpreter Ch)
  • Ch Command Shell
  • Ch Arduino

Chromebooks: Chrome OS v. 89 or above is required. To control hardware Linkbots using a Chromebook, users can download and install a Chrome extension for the Linkbot IDE (Integrated Development Environment). To control Barobo Arduino-Uno-Compatible boards with a Chromebook, users can download and install a Chrome extension for the Arduino Controller. 

  • Linkbot IDE Extension
  • Arduino Controller Extension

Raspberry Pi: The new version of LInkbot Labs for Raspberry Pi runs in Raspbian and Raspberry Pi OS. Linkbot Labs  includes C-STEM Studio, Linkbot Labs, and Ch (Ch is free for Raspberry Pi).


3. System Requirements

  • Hardware
    • RAM: 4GB and up
    • Free Disk Space: 1.5GB and up
    • Internet access: Wifi or Ethernet
    • USB-A or USB-C with an adaptor to USB-A
  • Operating System
    • Windows 7 and above
    • macOS: 10.13 and above
    • ChromeOS: v89 or above
    • Raspberry Pi (Can't Run RoboSim): Debian Jessie and above
    • iPadOS/iOS: For Virtual Robot Only on RoboBlocky.
  • Software
    • Chrome, Edge, Firefox browsers for controlling hardware Linkbot.
    • Anticipate to support hardware Linkbot for ipadOS/iOS sometime in 2025.
    • Any modern browser for virtual robots in RoboBlocky.

4. Go to Downloads Page (RoboBlocky Account Required)

A RoboBlocky account is required to download the software. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up for a free account here. Once you are signed in to your account, click here to go to the Downloads page.