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Learning Math/CS/Engineering Design with Robotics


Note: This page can be accessed using the "three bar" menu (also called a "hamburger" menu) at the top left of RoboBlocky after you sign-in:


12/22/2023: Real-time Learning Management is not enabled by default.

By default, the real-time Learning Management is not enabled. You can click  My Classes  and select the checkbox Enable Real-Time Leaarning Management to enable it as shown below.


12/11/2023: New feature to display TK-2 lessons and activities in MinView

When TK-2 lessons and activities are loaded, they will be displayed in MinView as presented in the video below.


12/02/2023: New feature to add up to 12 Robots or 6 OmniBots

The user can now add up to 12 Robots or 6 OmniBots. The video below has detailed instructions on how it works. The documentation related to the Robot setting will be updated soon.

Using Barobo's SnapConnect technology, you can easily build your own amazing robots quickly. Please send us a link to your creation or share it with us in social media. Below is a sample project with 9 Linkbots in Engineering Design with Robotics curriculum for grades 6-12: Santa's Sleigh.