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Learning Math with Coding and Robotics
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Coord: x-axis y-axis Grid Lines: x-axis y-axis
Grid: 12x12 inches 24x24 inches 36x36 inches
72x72 inches 96x96 inches 192x192 inches
1x1 inches 2x2 inches Fraction:
Quad: 1 Quadrant 4 Quadrants 1&4 Quadrants
Units: US Customary Metric Ruler:
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Tics Lines:
Width px
Hash Lines:
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Draw Static Colorful Twinkle Stars
Draw Static Colorful Twinkle Stars
The pre-placed block will draw one star of any random color and length 2.5 in given x- and y-coordinate. Use set variable and random integer blocks to plot 50 stars at random x- and y-coordinates between 1 and 35. Also, change the length of the star block in order to draw the stars of different lengths.
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