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Learning Math/CS/Engineering Design with Robotics
Grid Size: S M L Simple View: MinView:
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Coord: x-axis y-axis Grid Lines: x-axis y-axis
Grid: 12x12 inches 24x24 inches 36x36 inches
72x72 inches 96x96 inches 192x192 inches
1x1 inches 2x2 inches Fraction:
Quad: 1 Quadrant 4 Quadrants 1&4 Quadrants
Units: US Customary Metric Ruler:
Font px
Tics Lines:
Width px
Hash Lines:
Width px

The pre-placed block will change the angle of the robot to 0 degrees relative to the x-axis and output the angle value to the user. Change the blocks so that the outputted angle is 60 degrees. For this to be true, the angle must be 60 degrees relative to the x-axis.

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